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Daniela Yakuel

Daniela Yakuel

Performance Art Piece: Temple of She
  • Position : feminine embodiment facilitator
  • PerformersDaniela Yakuel, Flo Vinton, Lydia Lui, Liane (Yiu Yiu) Mah, Paloma, Niki Lee, Dorothy Lam; ZiHong
  • Workshop Type:Performance
  • Email : danielayakuel@gmail.com
  • Biography:Daniela is a movement artist, feminine embodiment facilitator and ceremonialist who shares in the lost feminine ways of knowing and perceiving reality. She holds a delicate, soft and receptive space for healing, interweaving embodiment tools based in somatic awareness and energetic atttunement. She is based in Hong Kong, guiding private and communal explorations of the inner planes.
  • Workshop description and benefits :Challenging the notion of “Performative Femininity”, Temple of She aims to destigmatize performance ritual and society’s misconstrued relationship with the Sacred Feminine. Audience is invited to reverently bear witness to seven female bodies in the raw, spontaneous, and expressive alchemy of their inner world through the gateway of embodied movement.

Our 2021 facilitators to inspire leaders and entrepreneurs on consciousness

Since COVID-19, everyone on the globe have more time to think about our relationship with the earth, the planet, the nature. We spend more time with ourselves and trying out to figure out the unsolved mystery of self identity and life purpose in the world. We, believe in consciousness, will help our mind curate meaningful and impactful projects and businesses for our community. To be a better being, for a better world.