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Museek Studio

Museek Studio

New Intention
  • Company:Museek Stuido
  • Workshop Type:Live concert
  • Kawa's BioA seeker in life through music and sound. Muiti-instruments player (Indian bansuri, Shakuhachi, Frame drum, Jawharp, Throat singing, Guitar, Piano..) Well reconised in playing meditative music for concerts, sound bath/yoga/mindfulness sessions by acoustic instruments. Who believe touching music is through playing in present, and by mindful listening one can bring harmony sound to the surrounding.
  • Linwah's BioLinwah (Vocalist | Hong Kong) Linwah became the lead singer of a band Pusshitachi in 2003, performing songs in response to the social issues of Hong Kong. Since disbanding, she has also joined Ahkok Wong to form a new handpan-vocal duo 'Ask Rice'. She has been actively involved in various kinds of improvisational music and other performances, exploring the joy of the human voice.
  • Travis Hung's BioI'm a musician who loves playing Indigenous music especially Didgeridoo, Mouth harp and Asalato. Participated events: New Vision Arts Festival: “ArtSeat” Pop-up Live music performance, Community Cultural Ambassador Scheme 2021: Let Our Hearts be Integrated by Dance 2.0 - Dancing in the Present (Live music), The Ancient Sounds Workshop 【Let's Be Together Arts Festival 2021】etc.
  • Workshop description and benefits :In this New moon night, We will bring live mindful concert for commune. ☽With acoustic instruments including Indian bansuri, Australia Didgeridoo, Middle east frame drum, Shamanic drum, Jawharp, throat singing and other soothing sound instruments, we playing in flow with soul. ☽Immersive forest soundscape to bring us back to nature. ☽Guided by the nature sound and meditative music, we will connect deeper state of consciousness, and go through an epic music journey together. Through the journey in the new moon, we will find new intention.

Our 2021 facilitators to inspire leaders and entrepreneurs on consciousness

Since COVID-19, everyone on the globe have more time to think about our relationship with the earth, the planet, the nature. We spend more time with ourselves and trying out to figure out the unsolved mystery of self identity and life purpose in the world. We, believe in consciousness, will help our mind curate meaningful and impactful projects and businesses for our community. To be a better being, for a better world.