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Cheryl Rodriguez

Cheryl Rodriguez Gong Bath: Transforming Your Inner Landscape Company:Cheriko Productions Bio:first discovered sound healing during a trip to London when she joined a gong meditation after a yoga class. She was immediately hooked and attended regular gong bath meditations to balance a high-pressure corporate life. Following an unexpected surgery, Cheryl directly felt the deeper healing effects of sound therapy during…

Renu Paryani

Renu Paryani Weaving Bands of Power Company:Atmanshakti Workshop Type:Experience Bio:My journey on the path of healing started when I learnt Reiki in 2006. I learnt many other tools to heal, shamanic techniques interested me the most. After learning Munay-Ki, I was eager to learn more about the Andean shamanic teaching’s. I felt a deeper connection with the Andean energies and…

Denise Tam & Terry Wu

Denise Tam &Terry Wu Cannabis and magic Company:Heavens Please Workshop Type:Experience Bio:Heavens Please is a hemp based select shop with a focus on holistic wellness. We believe in the healing power of plants, especially hemp – a plant that is so versatile, it can feed you, clothe you, house you and even heal you. The magic is within and without….

Francis Ngai

Francis Ngai Finding Your Purpose on Your Entrepreneurial Journey Company: Social Ventures Hong Kong Workshop Type:talk Bio:Francis Ngai is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Social Ventures Hong Kong (SVhk). He is also the Founder of Playtao Education, BottLess, HATCH, Sonova and a Co-Founder of Green Monday and RunOurCity. Prior to establishing SVhk, Francis was the Head of Strategy…

Global Tea Hut HK

Global Tea Hut HK Tea Ceremony Meditation Company:Tea Ceremony Meditation Workshop Type:Meditation Bio:Cha Dao, or the Way of Tea, offers us the space to remember our connection to nature. This offering will introduce ‘bowl tea’ and the essence of simplicity and meditation. We will share tea together in silence and connect to this plant teacher as a bridge to the…